Patchability Time

patch·a·bil·i·ty, adjective

the state or quality of being connected or hooked up (circuits, programs, conversations, etc.)



I built "Patchability Time" after realising a lot of people (like me) charge by the hour to one or more customers.

There is nothing else out there that does what I need the way it ought to be done.

Google Calendar is really good to plan and record stuff in; why not include hours worked as well?

Xero is really good at that accounting stuff, but why should I have to type everything in twice?



Features so Far

Smart link up between Google Calendars and Xero Customers.

Allow creation of Google Calendars from Xero Customers.

Patchability Time deduces the starting date for a new invoice, but you can still change that date if you prefer.

Patchability Time produces invoices in Xero 'Draft' form, so you can still edit before approving.



Next Steps

Consider auto generate of Xero Customers from Google Calendars.

Allow invoice auto approve and maybe auto email.

Become a Xero Partner, so Patchability Time can be fully automated, ie. issue invoices monthly without intervention.

Xero Payroll generator (staff using Google Calendars as timesheets). "Patchability" already has Xero Payroll built in, so this would be relatively straightforward.

Other Suggestions/Feedback?