Patchability Time

patch·a·bil·i·ty, adjective

the state or quality of being connected or hooked up (circuits, programs, conversations, etc.)


Quick Explainer

A Google Calendar is setup for each Xero Customer.

As you work, block off that work time in the customer's calendar, with a description of what you are doing.

At the end of the month (or however often you invoice), use Patchability Time to do an Invoice Run.

Check your draft invoices in Xero, all your invoices are created from the Google Calendar entries!

Approve those invoices in Xero and send to your customers.



More Detail

Patchability Time will guide you through initial linking of Google Calendars to Xero Customers. You only have to link the ones you want.

Each time you do an invoice run Patchability Time will only take the newer unprocessed Calendar entries. You can change the date if you want to.

Since the Invoices are generated as "Draft", you can edit them as you see fit. Add fixed price items, apply discounts etc.

There are a number of extensions planned in our roadmap. In becoming a subscriber, you can help to fund these and reap the benefits.



Even More Detail

Check out the FAQ.